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Put Down The Gun Pick Up A Flower!

" Check out these top two guys and their military banter "

Richard Hatch - BFBS Radio Breakfast Presenter 

" Excellent, love it. Keep up the good work guys. Entertaining & informative "

Jonny Guy Lewis - Actor/Writer 

The Creative Team

Our mission is highlighting veterans achievements & sharing their brilliant stories

Neil Davies

Host Researcher Producer

Neil Davies was thrown out of Secondary Modern School at the age of 14, with a certificate stating this boy has left school with no qualifications. Neil joined the Parachute Regiment on his 17th birthday, by the age of 19 he'd served on active service in the Middle East and North Africa.

He left the army with physical injuries and PTSD and flitted aimlessly from country to country, continent to continent, and job to job; as a logger, steelworker, fishing boats, building worker, rank & file union organiser, out-door pursuits instructor and lecturer.

Neil broke into the film industry as a driver and worked his way up, doing all the jobs and eventually became an award-winning Filmmaker. The best documentary of the year award for "Raw Spice" - ITV and the huge success of series; "Nights at the Empire" - Channel Four, "Inside RAF Brize Norton" - Sky One, "The Hunt" – BBC and feature film Dog City.

Neil is a member of the Veterans Community Group and Soldiers Arts Academy, does volunteer work at the London Veterans Clinic, St Pancras Hospital and over the last few years scratched an itch for doing stand-up comedy, acting at Shakespeare's Globe in London and writing fiction. 

Shaun Johnson

Host Researcher Producer

Shaun Johnson is a former British soldier and served 12 years between a Combat Regiment and a Mounted Ceremonial Horse Troop. Shaun is now an Actor/Writer, and Director of the Soldiers Arts Academy and his recent credits include Grantchester 5 ITV (2020), Soldier On, The Other Palace Theatre, London. Soldier On got voted The Guardian readers favourite theatre 2018.

Shaun wrote and performed Mind Frag at the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse Shakespeare's Globe London, and currently, he is co-writing and will be directing a short film trailer intended for a West End play.

Other acting credits include playing Richard, Richard III, RSC Swan stage and Leicester Square Theatre, Angelo, The Comedy of Errors, Lansburgh Theatre, Washington DC USA - Spotlight CV here: 

Shaun has appeared on television, radio, and in several national newspapers talking about his mental health challenges to raise awareness about mental health after leaving the military family. 

In between the arts, Shaun spends his time at The Poppy Factory as an Employment Coordinator, helping injured veterans get back into work     

Neil Evans

Content Editor Developer Cameraman

Neil Evans is a freelance filmmaker and specialises in making bespoke cinematic promotional video for companies, organisations and events.

​Neil believes that story is the most important element in video production. Having an engaging narrative creates videos people genuinely enjoy and which stay with them long after watching. 

Neil has seven years of industry experience creating promo video content across the United Kingdom and Europe.

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